Full Time Jobs

ISL 30R – Product Manager – (99619)

Related experience must include at least one or more of the following (preference may be given if you meet more than three):

ADMN O 21R – Assisted Living Investigator – (99467)

The Assisted Living Investigator (the Investigator) follows up on incident reports and conducts investigations into complaints that are within the Assisted Living Registry’s mandate.  

The Investigator conducts site inspections of registered assisted living residences to assess compliance with legislation and regulation, as part of an investigation, and of those that may be operating unlawfully (without registration). 

The Investigator works with applicants who wish to open an assisted living residence and provides assistance throughout this process.

The Investigator also responds to public complaints and queries and provides education and referrals to other agencies when the matter falls outside of the Assisted Living Registry’s mandate.  

Job Requirements:

ISL 27R – Senior Scrum Master – (101383)

Natural Resource Information & Digital Services (NRIDS) is the information management/information technology (IM/IT) service provider and organizational partner to the Natural Resource Ministries (NRM). As the centralized authority for all information, geospatial data, and technology across the NRM, NRIDS is leading the transformation and modernization of business practices through new and innovative technology solutions, continuous improvement projects and operational IM/IT solutions. 

COR SV 18R (Growth) – Youth Correctional Officer (Youth Supervisor) – (101763)

Working directly with youth in custody who are involved in the Youth Justice system and reporting directly to the Senior Youth Supervisor, you will carry out duties in a professional manner in keeping with your experience, training and education and according to the Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees. Drawing from your skills and know-how, you will strive to effect positive change for youth in the custody centre, develop a collegial environment with co-workers, and ensure clear and constructive communications are maintained with supervisors. On behalf of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, using your strength of character regarding the nature of this position, you will maintain trust and honesty with youth and colleagues.

POL SIH 27R – Senior Policy Analyst – (101684)

The Ministry of Children & Family Development is responsible for the delivery of programs and services that support positive and healthy outcomes for children, youth and their families across the province. The ministry provides a wide variety of services and is constantly innovating to address gaps and improve those services.  The policy professionals in the Policy and Strategic Integration Branch are responsible for designing, building, implementing, and overseeing key services and programs like foster care, out-of-care arrangements, and specialized bed-based services that keep families strong and together.  As strategic policy professionals we respond to gnarly, often intractable policy problems facing children, youth and families. We build networks of services that improve outcomes and modernize systems. If this sounds interesting to you – keep reading! 

LSO OTHR 2 – Licensed Authorizations Officer – (101758)

The Ministry of Forests delivers holistic resource management services for British Columbians and manages specified Crown land and resources in a manner that embraces the economic, environmental and social goals of government. These results are all essential to improving the global competitiveness of BC industry and our ability to attract private investment and to stimulate economic growth and job creation across the province.

ECON 24R – Economist – (101144)

The Education Analytics Office (EAO) enables the K-12 sector in B.C. to be a world leader in the use of education data to support program and strategic planning, system performance and quality delivery of personalized education. The EAO is comprised of four units.

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