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LSO OTHR 3 – Regional Hydrogeologist – Amended

Excellent opportunity to bring your knowledge and hands on experience to a position of expertise and oversight in British Columbia The Ministry of Forests (FOR) is accountable for land and resource management in British Columbia, including the protection of the Province’s groundwater resources. FOR engages in activities that provide environmental, economic, cultural, and social benefits to all British Columbians. This work directly contributes to the achievement of the Province’s goals of reconciliation, clean growth and a strong, sustainable economy. The South Area Groundwater Science Team provides support, advice and enforcement for sustainable groundwater management in the interest of the environment and public safety through sound science, collaboration

RES O 30R – Senior Data Scientist

An opportunity to utilize your research expertise in health sector stewardship The Health Sector Information Analysis & Reporting (HSIAR) division sets the foundation for the delivery of high-quality health sector information, analytics, and reporting. The Division leads key information management functions including data stewardship, governance, security, and access; analytics and reporting; and quality assurance, performance measurement, and evaluation functions. HSIAR sets out to exercise effective governance over secondary use data resources, while enabling timely and secure access to data, and supporting an integrated, modernized model of information sharing across the health sector.  The Senior Data Scientist functions as a senior expert for a Sec

Développeur(se) – Plateforme de développement

Position Description: Dans le cadre de sa stratégie de développement logiciel, le client souhaite augmenter la maturité DevOps de ses différents outils de développement logiciel. La mission de la plateforme de développement est de mettre à disposition des services et capacités technologiques permettant aux développeurs et analystes en sciences de données d’accélérer la vitesse de […]

Data Engineer

Position Description: Be part of building one of the largest independent technology and business services firms in the world. Operating in hundreds of locations across the globe, CGI is counted on every day to help our clients create business value, and to protect that value with a diverse team of passionate professionals delivering innovative solutions. […]

BIO 30R – Habitat Team Section Head

Bring your dedication to this senior opportunity!  The Provincial Caribou Recovery Program (Program) sits within the Land Use Policy, Planning and Ecosystems Division (LUPPE) within the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship (WLRS) and provides provincial coordination, strategic direction, funding, and general oversight with the aim to recover caribou in B.C. The Program also works with other ministries, Nations, governments, and interested parties to develop, implement, and monitor management actions and provincial strategies to ensure we are meeting or exceeding provincial and federal population and habitat objectives.  There are five Program teams (Habitat, Population, Planning Initiatives, Science and Knowledge, and Centralized Support) who bridg

LSO 3 DPE – Area Engineer – Closing date extended

Apply your expertise and passion for innovation to this rewarding career opportunity The Ministry of Forests is responsible for the stewardship of provincial Crown land and ensures the sustainable management of forest, wildlife, water and other land-based resources. The Ministry manages these resources in a manner that embraces economic, environmental and social goals of government. This job profile reports to an LSO 4 Designated Professional Engineer, and is focused on providing seasoned professional services including design works in the assigned area of operation.  This job requires a licensed professional Engineer depending on the job requirements and may be focused on bridge and road engineering services.  The position has a strong requirement for the ab

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