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BIPOC: What is it and why it matters

Author: Alex Przychodzki BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and people of color According to Google Trends, the use of the term “BIPOC” began to spike in May 2020 during the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. By using this acronym, it creates solidarity among Black, […]

Self Care Strategies Webinar

Strategies to charge your physical, mental, and emotional batteries so YOU can show up as the highest version of yourself and align your actions to the things that yield the best results. Presented by Heather VanMunster.  Link to webinar: HERE Heather is part of the WIL Victoria Chapter as the Chapter Co-Chair, Event Facilitator and Social […]

Finding Your Tribe

In this short video, listen to IBMer, Anne discuss her View On Bravery At Work. More Here

Power Gap in the Workplace

The Globe & Mail, reported by Robyn Doolittle & Chen Wang, published an investigative series about the Power Gap in the workplace. More details here:   

The Importance of Allyship

WIL Toronto’s Nadia Van chats with Diane Kazarian, GTA Managing Partner and National Banking Leader at PwC Canada, about the importance of allyship, sponsorship, and using your platform to support the good work of others.

Does your workplace have pay equity? 2/3 of Women Don’t Know.

Pay equity is a huge issue and barrier for women in the workforce. Companies that prioritize pay equity are seeing worker produc­tivity increase 19 percent above industry averages, while employees who perceive a pay gap are 16 percent more likely to leave their companies.  Employers that do not have pay equity risk marginalizing their women’s […]

7 Steps To Get Through A Major Change In Your Life

By Farah Saad  When we are going through a major life altering change or shift in our lives, all the old fears surface. The uncertainty of the future makes us question everything we did in our lives up until that moment. You feel exhausted all the time. These are all good signs because it means […]

Lunch With Minister Monsef

Last week in Vancouver, we had the honour to host the Honourable Minister Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, and her representatives for a Q & A Lunch on gender equality and leadership. Leaders from various local organizations and a few of our local WIL Best Employers, iQmetrix, BC Public Service and MTU Maintenance […]

Employers: Gender Diversity Matters

By: Shay White In the past, Canada has lagged behind in implementing gender diversity in the workplace. Has that changed?  Very little it appears.    According to the Status of Women Report, Canada had made it a goal to increase women’s presence on boards from 20% to 30% by 2019, and more specifically, Ontario recently […]

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Ace the Interview: What I Learned

By: Shay White Earlier this year I applied for the Deloitte National Leadership Conference that is held in Toronto every year. I submitted my resume, a cover letter and my university transcript and, to be honest, didn’t expect a call back – I knew it was competitive, but I knew it didn’t hurt to just […]

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