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7 Little Acts Of Leadership

By Susan Ritchie       You don’t need to be the CEO in your organization – you can be a leader without being the leader. If you’re ambitious and aspire to be a leader with a title, then these tips will help you achieve that. But if you want to feel more fulfilled, have more impact […]

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Building a Personal Brand

By: Shay White Are you a marketer or in sales?   I’ve got news for you – you are definitely a marketer. The service you are selling is yourself! Building a personal brand is so important, especially now in the digital age, as it helps you stand out. That being said, it can be difficult to […]

Featured Coach: Kelly Lynch

Kelly Lynch is a certified leadership coach, mentor and fearless facilitator based in Calgary, Alberta. Kelly’s leadership roles inside some of the world’s largest organizations inspired her to build a professional coaching and leadership development practice that helps individuals identify, integrate and actualize their natural strengths as leaders.  One of Kelly’s passions is deeply rooted […]

WIL Launches Career Services

WIL is excited to introduce career services to help you land your next, amazing career opportunity. Contact us today to help you with resume writing, interviews, or cover letters: 

Office meeting with 4 women

Don’t Make These 6 Business Strategy Mistakes!

Business owners often bring up the topic of strategy when they’re thinking about their legacy. While it’s important to spend time refining the tactics of your day-to-day business operations, the FocalPoint approach to Business Coaching also takes a higher view of the overall strategy you’re using. As worldwide bestselling business author Brian Tracy says, poor […]

Gender Diversity in the Workplace

How to Delegate With Clarity

  You’ve become a successful business leader or owner because you know how to delegate. At least, you think you’re good at delegating – but do you really delegate with clarity? Do the people who report to you know exactly what you want to them to do, and what your top priorities are? As business […]

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Four Signs It May Be Time To Hire A Business Coach

Four Signs It May Be Time To Hire A Business Coach As a business leader, you may find that the majority of your time is spent dealing with day-to-day tasks, leaving little to no time to spend on considering and planning for the long-term success of your company. This is but one of the signs […]

Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Salaries

By Emily Dupuy Most of us would agree that negotiation is an important part of any contractual agreement, however, over half of us don’t do it. According to a survey by, 46% of men negotiate their salaries and only 39% of women. Those who don’t negotiate may not feel the apprehension of negotiation, but […]

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3 Little Ways to Be A Leader At Work

Not everyone is a born leader, but we think, just like Warren Bennis, “Leaders are made rather than born.” It’s time to begin redefining what being a leader means. Often we put think that being a leader is some lofty goal that is hard to attain. But there are ways that you can be an […]

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Boost Your Confidence On The Job Hunt

 By: Shay White We want you to feel confident as you make the most out of the job hunt. So check out the links below for some simple tricks.   Top Tips: Make sure you love what you do – when you’re passionate about something your confidence will only grow and show as you develop your […]

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