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POL SIH 27R – Senior Policy Analyst – (95939)

Ministry of Emergency Management & Climate Readiness (EMCR) leads provincial emergency and disaster risk management, builds and fosters collaborative relationships and partnerships, advances meaningful and lasting reconciliation, and supports all peoples in British Columbia to reduce disaster risk.

ISL 18R – Technical Support Analyst – (96434)

Develop and apply your skills in technical support in this dynamic and rewarding role!

POL SIH 27R – Senior Policy Analyst – (95982)

The work of the System Liaison and Supports Division reflects the diversity of BC students. The Division provides leadership and support to school districts and independent schools in the areas of Indigenous Education, Early Learning, Student Wellness and Safety, Partner Relations, Strategic Priorities and Mental Health and Substance Use. The System Liaison and Supports Division focuses on equity to ensure all students experience consistency in outcomes and experience.

The Senior Policy Analyst, Mental Health and Substance Use reports to the Director, Mental Health and Substance Use. Under the Mental Health in School Strategy, the position leads and coordinates the research, analysis, development and implementation of strategic policies and legislation, and data evaluation related to student and adult mental health and substance use.  
Job Requirements:

BAND 4 – Director of Practice – (95682)

This is a temporary opportunity to approximately June 30, 2023.  This temporary appointment may be extended or become permanent. Upon permanent appointment, relocation to Kootenays will be required; the above locations are representative of the region.

BAND 3 – Director, Patient Care Quality Review Boards Secretariat – (96789)

Currently there is one temporary opportunity available till February 29, 2024, which may be extended or become permanent.      

CHLDCC 18R – Indigenous Child Care Counsellor – (96211)

The Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre is a program of Provincial Services Division of the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  The Maples is a designated provincial mental health facility providing on-site, community, outreach and ancillary services to collaboratively support youth, families and communities.  The Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre works with youth in British Columbia with significant psychiatric and behavioural difficulties, ages 12 to 17, as well as youth found Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of a Mental Disorder (NCRMD) or unfit to stand trial.  Additional services include community consultation service, training/capacity building opportunities and ongoing sharing of current literature.  Through a multi-disciplinary approach, our objective is to collaboratively enhance the capacity of communities to plan and care for challenging youth through a closer to home focus.

POL EC 27R – Senior Policy Analyst – (96832)

The Climate Action Secretariat (CAS), as a division of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, is responsible for leading and coordinating research, analysis, development and implementation of programs, strategies, policies, and legislation that enable climate action while supporting affordability, climate resilience, competitiveness and the development of a sustainable economy. CAS works to achieve provincial climate change goals through engagement and collaboration with Indigenous peoples, the provincial public sector, other orders of government, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, professional and industry associations and business and industry.  CAS is responsible for the Climate Change Accountability Act.  

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