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Celebrating Women in Tech Week 2018

WIL’s Women in Tech Week, April 30 to May 4, brings together the local tech communities across Canada to recognize the contributions women have made in the tech industry and highlight opportunities to engage women and youth in the future.   Women in Tech Week creates a unique platform for entrepreneurs, engineers, and community leaders […]

Actualize Your Potential – WIL 2018 Online Leadership Learning Program

Women in Leadership’s most popular E-Learning Program is to continue in 2018, to support women in Actualizing Your Potential! The program will be hosted by professional leadership coaches, Tricia Ryan and Elena Khomenko, ACC, and will consist of 6 live webinars held every two weeks (over 3 months) to cover most important aspects of self-leadership and critical […]

Want to Stand Out? A Must-See Webinar For Your Job Hunt

Ask-A-Recruiter  Free Recorded Webinar  In case you missed it: here is the recording and slide deck from our Ask A Recruiter Webinar. Learn the importance of customizing your resume for each position, niche job boards and more. Much thanks to Emily Dupuy and Jennifer Gilbert!    Also check out our previous webinar, Master the Art […]

BPW Canada Award

We are very excited to announce that Women in Leadership is one of the Top 100 Organizations receiving the 2016 BPW Canada Centennial Recognition Award. The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW) is an 86-year-old non-profit and non-partisan network of ~500 business and professional women nationwide with a vision to improve conditions for […]

Free Slides from our Webinar!

Here’s a Freebie for You!  Have you ever felt uncomfortable, awkward, or sleazy in a networking situation? Do you spend less than 1 hour per week meeting new connections? Do you rely solely on job postings to land your next position?  If any of those questions rings true, take a look at the networking review slides linked […]

Top 3 Cities for Women in the Workforce

By: Alyssa Mossman  New data from Stats Canada shows Canadian women make just 73.5 cents for each dollar a man earns. Despite improvements, the World Economic Forum thinks it could take until 2133 to close the gap, which is wider still for aboriginal women, new immigrants, trans women, and women of colour. One of the conclusions […]

Closing the cybersecurity talent gap, one woman at a time

The severe shortage of cybersecurity talent is leaving the U.S. vulnerable to attacks. Women, in particular, are key to closing the security skills gap.  According to the 2015 Global Cybersecurity Status report published by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), 86 percent of the 3,436 business professionals who responded to its survey believe […]

Major Study – Women Executives on Bottom Line

 A study called Is Gender Diversity Profitable by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that Companies that went from having no female leaders to 30 per cent representation saw a 15% increase in financial performance.   Having more women on the executive team had a greater impact on corporate success than having more women on the board, while having […]


In the past 2 years more women have risen to lead major companies.  That’s the case of Fortune’s 2014 ranking of the 50 Most Powerful Women in ­Business, with 24 large-company CEOs in its pages.  The industries include energy, tech and defense. It’s a long way from their original 1998 list, on which most members […]

7 Inspiring Quotes from Women Leaders

Each of these leaders has found fame down different paths, or created their own.  Here are some of their inspiring words we can all benefit from. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx […]