A study called Is Gender Diversity Profitable by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that Companies that went from having no female leaders to 30 per cent representation saw a 15% increase in financial performance.   Having more women on the executive team had a greater impact on corporate success than having more women on the board, while having a women CEO made no difference, the study found.   Female representation at the highest corporate levels remains low, according to the review of nearly 22,000 companies in 91 countries, including Canada.  Almost 60 per cent of companies have no female board members, just over half have no women senior executives, and less than 5 per cent have a women CEO, according to the study, called Is Gender Diversity Profitable.

In Canada its the big banks that have one of the best records for promoting women.   Some other larger companies in non-traditional women sectors, like trail and mining have made progress in  promoting women, but these are few & far between.

Corporate Canada has a lot of work to do, according to the study women made up just 7 per cent of board members, 14 per cent of executives, 3 per cent of CEOs and 2 per cent of board chairs at the 2,074 companies surveyed.


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