By: Alyssa Mossman 

New data from Stats Canada shows Canadian women make just 73.5 cents for each dollar a man earns. Despite improvements, the World Economic Forum thinks it could take until 2133 to close the gap, which is wider still for aboriginal women, new immigrants, trans women, and women of colour. One of the conclusions of the study is that Canada has to invest in mentoring more women into leadership positions, just like we do here at Women in Leadership. Here are the top 3 cities you should check out on our job board:

  • Victoria
    Victoria, British Columbia

 The capital of British Columbia, and the birthplace of Women in Leadership, reports the smallest gap in employment rates between it’s men and women. The gap in pay is also below the national average, with women earning 73% of men’s earnings.


  • Gatineau
    Gatineau, Quebec

 In Gatineau, employment rates are above the national average, with small gaps extending to full-time employees, which is where the gaps usually widen. The city also reports the lowest wage gap, at 87%.



  • Quebec City
    Quebec City, Canada

Quebec’s capital city has an 8% decrease in the wage gap, compared to the national average of 70% – one of the smallest in Canada. The employment rates are also above average.




As previously stated, one of the key solutions concluded from this study is the importance of mentoring and fostering women’s leadership. This is the passion that fuels the mentorship and training programs at the Women in Leadership Foundation.  After all, we don’t have time to wait till 2133 for equality.

Our new initiative – the Leading Talent job board –  is a tool for women job seekers to take on a leadership roles at companies that believe in them, and in doing so, close the pay gap! If you’re considering a move, why not consider searching by city for  jobs in our top 3 cities for women? Staying put? Not to worry – your community needs your leadership! Make a change in your community today by setting up a profile on leading talent.

Why join the Leading Talent job board?

Employers on our job board are looking to hire more women like you in positions of leadership. They care about the inequalities plaguing our workplaces and our lives, and are committed to making a change for the better. If you are looking to advance your career, and make a difference with your leadership skills, this is the place for you!

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