Q and A with the Summer Students

Alyssa Mossman is one of Women in Leadership’s Summer Students for 2016 

Age: 22

Schooling/Background: Audio Engineering, Publishing

Specialty Area’s/ Interests: Social justice, animal welfare, arts (music/writing/film/design), tech, mental health, sustainability etc. (I’m pretty much down to learn about anything).

What do you hope to do in the future?

Though my future plans are in no way clear-cut, I do place great value on combining passion with cause. I think it’s important to strive to create a better world, as cliche as that sounds. My hope is to weave those values into my career path in some way.

Why do you think WIL’s mission is important?

WIL’s mission is important because it carves out a safe space for women to help each other along their career paths. It’s also important for young women and girls to see themselves represented, and leadership, management and executive level positions are still dominated by men. Women in Leadership works to empower women to step into those roles with confidence.

What is some of the best advice you’ve heard from a female role model in your life?

What I’ve heard from many women throughout my life, and what will always be completely true and relevant is, “stop comparing yourself to others.” For women, I think this is especially good advice. When the window for opportunity is smaller,  it can spark an unhealthy competitive spirit among us.  I fail to take this advice all the time, but I know it’s worthwhile.

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